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Lifestyle Consultant

Hi, I am Samanthae (the e is silent), a Lifestyle Consultant. I am firmly convinced that you can change your life if you really want to. You can make the changes you need to make in order to live happier and with less stress no matter where you are starting from. I can help you!

About Me


As a Lifestyle Consultant I work with clients to assist them in making changes in their lives that will lead them toward having the life they want.


I am a scientist, an author, a podcaster, a self-care aficionado, and a university student studying to be a therapist. Check out all of my credentials at the link below.

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After working with Sam, my productivity has greatly increased and I manage my time wisely. I get more done in a day than I could ever imagine, and I have time for everything!

David G.

Time Management

Samanthae helped me create a life plan that included college and my career afterward. She also taught me how to be flexible if I need to change these plans.

Marelle G.

Career Planning

Sam helped me change my whole life. I got my entire life in order in a short amount of time by using what she taught me about setting my goals, and evaluating the progress.

Brandon S.

Life Planning



Learn how to set goals in such a way that you can accomplish them. Create an action plan for any area of your life.


Stress management, work-life balance, burnout, wellness, mindfulness, self-confidence, health, spirituality, wellness


Time management, problem solving, motivation, lifestyle improvement, organization, rebuilding, finding purpose

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