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Sometimes life draws you in the direction you are supposed to flow. My flow has included some of life’s most challenging situations, situations that have given me great insight. My flow has also included being the person whom others turn to for comfort, validation, problem solving, resources, and knowledge. It is for this reason I became a Lifestyle Consultant, and will eventually be a therapist.

I have lived all over the United States, visited foreign countries, and have spent nearly a decade in higher education. I have friends, acquaintances, and clients from a wide range of cultures, religions, socioeconomic brackets, lifestyles, and sexual orientations. This has allowed me to see many of life’s issues through different lenses, and that has afforded me the opportunity to look at helping people from a diverse range of perspectives.

I enjoy a wide range of activities. I am a certified open water SCUBA diver, an amateur fossil and gemstone collector, and I love weight lifting. The things I like most are travel and reading. I love to see new places and learn new things. 

For me, the meaning of life is to be happy and fulfilled. I believe that we can change almost anything in our lives. I believe we can create internal and external shifts that allow us to live in a more authentic and happy way. Unfortunately, life did not come with an owner’s manual or a “For Dummies” book. Top that off with what everyone else says we “should” be doing, and its no wonder people feel so unhappy and unfulfilled. But you can fix that! And I know that because I have done it, and I have helped a lot of other people do it too.


College Degrees

A.S. Liberal Arts – GPA 4.0

B. S. Psychology – GPA 4.0

MSc.B Metaphysics – GPA 4.0

MSc.M Metaphysics – GPA 4.0

M. S. Clinical psychology – In progress

PhD Parapsychology – GPA 4.0

Coaching Certifications

Professional Life Coach Certification

Goal Success Life Coach Certification

Happiness Life Coach Certification

Master Life Coach Certification

Law of Practitioner Certification


Other Accomplishments

LEAD Certificate (Leadership)

1st Place Winner Humanities Team for independent research

Senior Student Research Assistant as an undergraduate

Phi Theta Kappa


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