Today is an exciting day because not only am I starting this blog for site updates and information, but I have also published my first podcast episode, Random Acts of Self. This was a quick podcast that serves as an introduction to me, the topics, and the focus of the podcast. Because I am just starting it up, it is not yet available in some of the bigger podcast listening programs like the Apple store and Spotify. As I add more episodes I will be able to add my podcast to those sites. Of course, I will post an update here as the podcast is added to those sites.

I will also begin writing articles for this site. I anticipate having my first one up within two weeks.

I love to hear from you, so if you have show ideas, questions you would like answered in a podcast, or article topics do drop me an email at Sam@SamDonnelly.net

Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Chris says:

    Wonderful blog and podcast. As someone who suffers from anxiety self care has become increasingly important for me, and interesting enough there are not as many resources on self care as one would think. So I believe this will be a great exercise for my anxiety management as well as others. Thanks!

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