I love to help people, and I love to teach and share the things I have learned in life.


I found that people always came to me with problems when they were in need of a confidante. Also, I love learning how thoughts, experiences, and genetic factors shape behavior. Thus, it was an obvious choice for me to enter the field of clinical psychology.

I have loved the topic of self-care since I first learned about it while first starting to earn my Bachelor’s degree. I learned how important it was to both mental and physical health, and I have also seen how few people get enough of it. That is where my interest in self-care and stress management came into play.

I am also a goal driven person, and I know how to get ahead using smart ways to set goals. I know methods that work, and I know of many that do not. I know the role that motivation plays in the success of any endeavor. I have found that people who seek to accomplish something do well when they set certain kinds of goals or accomplishment plans and follow it up with the proper motivation. I love being your cheerleader while you move forward in life.

As a student and business owner, I know the value of being organized and having good time management skills. These two skills have played a crucial role in my success as a student. I love sharing what I know to help others maximize their time and minimize distractions.

I am a leader, and I always have been. Certain leadership skills have come naturally, while others required me to engage in some level of learning and practice. There are different leadership styles, and I enjoy helping people to discover theirs while providing tips that I have learned by myself or from others during the years. 




A.S. Liberal Arts, with Distinction

B.S. Psychology, Summa Cum Laude

B.S. Metaphysics, Summa Cum Laude

M.S. Psychology (in progress)


Certified Life Coach (LCTI) View Certification

Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

Other Accomplishments

Winner 1st Place Humanities and Social Science Team
for research (View Research)

LEAD certificate (leadership)

Personal Interests

SCUBA diving
Travel & Cultural Experiences
Fossil finding
Reading & Learning



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