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My life was not always easy. I have faced what, to many, might have seemed to be insurmountable odds. As tedious as it was at the time, it gave me amazing insight into how important self-care is.

When I started going to college for psychology, I first came across the term “self-care” and it immediately caught my attention. “There is actually a name for it,” I thought to myself. It was at that point that I started reading scientific research on self-care. What I learned showed me that self-care was more important than I first thought. I came to discover that people had many reasons why they did not engage in self-care, and those reasons saddened me. That is when I knew that I wanted to teach this to anyone who would listen.

Wherever you are is where I will meet you. I am solution-focused which means I like to get to the heart of the matter so you can get on with your life and enjoy your newfound awesomeness. I tailor your sessions to fit your personality, your abilities, and your resources. If you have questions, do feel free to email me at to inquire about your needs.



B.S. Psychology GPA 4.0

M.S. Metaphysics GPA 4.0

M.S. Clinical Psychology GPA 4.0

M.S. Clinical Social Work (underway)

PhD. Parapsychology GPA 4.0

Other Cool Stuff

Member: National Society of Leadership and Success

Member: Psi Chi

Member: Phi Theta Kappa

Winner: 1st Place Humanities and Social Science Team for Independent Research
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Senior Student Research Assistant: SUNY Brockport