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How I Can Help You

You cannot pour from an empty vessel. Self-care and stress-management keep us recharged, and it keeps us balanced. Everyone needs it in their life, and there are many ways to do it. I will help you integrate it into your life so you are not left feeling burned out and ready to run away in the middle of the night (or workday). Read on to discover some of the ways I can help you integrate self-care into your life.

I am too busy to fit self-care into my life. This is the most common excuse people have for not doing it. Fortunately, time management strategies will help you fix this, and allow you to take a well-deserved break. And yes, you DO deserve a break!

Some people do self-care with no real regularity. Self-care not only helps after a stressful time, but doing it regularly helps prevent you from getting to that point where you want to run away from life. I can work with  you to achieve the goal of making self-care become a normal part of your life.

Some people feel guilty for wanting or needing to do self-care. I am here to squash all of those feelings and teach you why self-care is so important for you. I am your personal cheerleader, and I will help you to learn to give yourself permission to recharge your batteries.

There are two kinds of self-care. Those are active and passive, and they include a lot of different things for you to choose from. Both are important, so we determine what kinds and how much you need in your life. I can teach you about each of them to help you determine how to integrate each of them into your life in order to start feeling better, and get your mojo back. 

How do you feel about yourself? Are you a confident go-getter or do you question your thoughts, feelings, and decisions? How you feel about yourself affects your happiness, success, and overall life satisfaction. Together we can work on your self-confidence and other internal thoughts or feelings.

There is no shortage of things we can do to improve our lives and our happiness levels. Self-care can be done by anyone regardless of who you are and what your life is like. I have listed some of the most common reasons people seek out a self-care coach like me, but do email me if you would like to work on a self-care issue that I have not listed here.